Hoping to Expand Your Family?

Hoping to Expand Your Family?

An adoption attorney in Moody, AL, Pell City, Shelby County, Jefferson County and St. Clair County can streamline the process

Deciding to adopt a child as your own can bring indescribable blessings to you and your family. But the process for adoption can be very lengthy and complicated. Joseph R. Kemp, Attorney at Law will guide you through the entire process. He's an experienced adoption attorney serving clients in Moody, AL, St. Clair, Jefferson and Shelby Counties.

Joseph Kemp is a compassionate adoption lawyer who understands your struggles firsthand.

"As a parent who has adopted a child in Alabama, I have faced the frustration and challenges of working through the complicated Alabama adoption code that controls each adoption case. I understand the emotional issues that you face through every step, until your child is safely home with you." - Attorney Joseph R. Kemp

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Standing by your side every step of the way

Adoption attorney Kemp has over two decades of experience helping his clients submit adoption documents and attend all necessary hearings. He can handle all types of adoption cases, including:

  • Private placement adoption
  • Stepparent adoption
  • Relative adoption
  • Foster care adoption

If you have questions about the adoption process, don't hesitate to reach out. Your local adoption lawyer will explain everything in simple terms.

Don't attempt to navigate the adoption process alone

Not sure you need to retain an adoption attorney? Even if you're adopting a child you know, you should turn to Joseph R. Kemp, Attorney at Law for assistance. That way, you can avoid making potentially costly mistakes.

Our adoption lawyer will do more than just streamline the process. Attorney Kemp can help protect you from potential criminal consequences if any problems occur during the adoption. You can rest assured that the child you bring home will be legally yours, and that your family can move forward without worry.

Our adoption attorney handles family matters in Moody, AL and the surrounding areas. Connect with our award-winning adoption lawyer today.